Discoveries 4 Children Bible Programs Topics
  Starts Monday March 26, 2012

Topic Dates & Titles:

Programs Start at 6:30pm Pacific Daylight Time.

1. Monday, March 26th Something You Can Trust
2. Tuesday, March 27th The Great Rescue
3. Thursday, March 29th The Origin of Selfishness
4. Friday, March 30th Our Best Friend
5. Saturday, March 31st Standing Out in a Crowd
6. Monday, April 2nd The Horn of Our Salvation
7. Tuesday, April 3rd The Rich Young Ruler
8. Friday, April 6th The Safe Path
9. Saturday, April 7th (PM) Satan in Chains
10. Saturday, April 7th (PM) Saul's Tragic Conversation
11. Monday, April 9th The End of Sin
12. Tuesday, April 10th A Clean Heart From Jesus
13. Friday, April 13th The Longest Math Problem
14. Saturday, April 14th Cleaning God's House
15. Monday, April 16th Ten Times Wiser
16. Tuesday, April 17th The Mark No One Wants
17. Friday, April 20th The Battle Over Freedom
18. Saturday, April 21st Dangerous Places
19. Monday, April 23rd Being Like Jesus
20. Friday, April 27th Messengers of Light
21. Saturday, April 28th Heaven is for Real

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