Discoveries 4 Children Bible Programs Topics
  Starts Monday March 26, 2012

Teacher Lisa Explains the Program in More Detail

Nighlty Program Schedule
Each night the program will start at 6:30pm Pacific Daylight Time, below is the order of activities and the allotted times.

Click Here to download a Program Schedule that you can print for the first night. Additional Program Schedules may be downloaded for FREE through the Seminar Portal.

Pre-Session Activity (20 min) Starts at 6:30pm
Something in the Box Activity (5 min.) Starts at 6:50pm
Welcome by Lisa (4 min.) Starts at 6:55pm
Songs with Teacher Lisa (8 min.) Starts at 7:00pm
Prayer and Prayer Song (3 min.) Starts at 7:08pm
Nature Discovery (5 min.) Starts at 7:12pm
Theme Song (2 min.) Starts at 7:17pm
Bible Lesson (29 min.) Starts at 7:19pm
Commitment Prayer/Card (1-5 min.) after Bible Lesson
Optional Memory Verse Activity (3 min.) after Bible Lesson
Optional Craft Activity (20 min.) after Bible Lesson
Optional Review Activity after Bible Lesson

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