Discoveries 4 Children

  Nature Discoveries

Lisa and her lamb.Lisa loves little lambs.
She was raised on a small farm near Silverton, Oregon where she cared for a flock of sheep and nurtured lambs for 22 years. You’ll get to taste the anticipation and joy, the anxiety and fear, and the deep bonding of shepherd and lamb as Lisa takes you back to those years of her childhood.

Torre the dog and Sneetches the cat.Torre, the dog, and Sneetches, the cat, are pets that have taught us many lessons. This dog and cat have many unique characteristics and you’ll hear intriguing stories and stunning lessons—all from a dog and cat.

And so much more...Along with Lisa you will discover captivating lessons from the places Lisa has traveled—from the jungle of the Philippine Islands to the bush in Zimbabwe Africa, from the beaver’s dam to the mountain lion’s den.

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